About the restaurant NOK

The NOK restaurant is a place that is interesting to visit again and again. The flexible concept of our menu provides a deal of room for the chef's creative and gives the guests the opportunity to try something new every time.

The basis of the menu is a traditional Russian-European cuisine in our chief's interpretation. It is a great chance for our foreign guests to get acquainted with the Russian culinary culture both in its traditional execution and in modern interpretations. And for local residents it will be interesting to appreciate a fresh perspective to the well-known European dishes.

Cuisine as Art

Above all, the NOK Restaurant is a gastronomy. Therefore, we paid maximum attention to the formation of a professional team and the quality of our equipment. Each person in our kitchen was selected as carefully as the musicians in the orchestra.

In order to provide the maximum quality of our dishes, we installed a Josper coal oven that retains all the advantages of live fire. Most of our dishes are prepared there: all the fish, meat, pastries and some of soups.

Our wine list is based on the principle of the best taste сombinations of food and wine. We carefully thought out every gastronomic combination, so that a cocktail of flavors formed a single composition. For a complete gourmet experience, you can choose from variety of wines. The combinations we created emphasize and reveal the taste of wine favorably and at the same time the guest has an opportunity to enjoy the main course.


The interior of our restaurant is a modern view of the St. Petersburg style. Creating the interior we wanted to express the unique atmosphere of the classical city where at the same time Russian avant-garde artists – Malevich, Nikolsky, Matyushin – had made their masterpieces. This fusion of the historical city and modern avant-garde allowed us to create an interior where the severity, splendor and comfort are balanced.

The abundance of plants in the interior refers the visitor to the images of cozy Petersburg squares, hidden from the bystanders.The closed and greenhouse halls illustrate the change of spaces with different scales that is very typical for St. Petersburg.

The restaurant fills with the evening and theatrical atmosphere, that is appropriate for conversations and enjoyment the excellent cuisine.

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